Written May 18th, 2009 for my current girlfriend and now wife, Megan Elms.


I thought you were different,
Now I know you are,
You haven’t run, my rising star.
Making a choice, to care from afar,
I know it ain’t easy where we’ve set the bar.

It’s not that simple when neither settles for par.
However we know,
That the way the wind blows,
Goes to show, the wonder we’ll sow.

Ghost of future, and of past,
You’ve chosen me, never outclassed,
I give myself, the untarnished brass.
For though it’s not gold, silver, or platinum,
It’s known that others who claim, are but a fraction.
Voice of silk, and emotions of passion,
It’s not that you’re caught, but I’m done with the catchin’.
We’ve mixed and felt, and done our matchin’

It’s not that I was lost,
However, I’ve finally been found,
Appreciated and held, so profound.
And when this poem comes around,
I’ll know you’re with me safe and sound.

©2009 Trevor Elms

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