Trevor Elms


I am a professional graphic designer working and living in Denver, CO. I have a beautiful wife, a dog, a cat, and a lizard that I all too often forget about.

Writing is something I have always had an affinity for and love to do. It was always the best way for me to be able to express my thoughts. When I write I often feel like I am just talking aloud but recording it onto a page. That is why I find that it comes so easily to me. I do not think about what I write before I write it, typically. I think of what I write as I write it.

I wanted to start this page because I have always been sharing my writing with family and friends growing up and been told that it is fantastic. Well, I hate my own writing most of the time and have a hard time believing those people. Then again, as an artist by trade I typically hate just about everything that I create. So I am just completely lost at all times about if my writing is even enjoyable for people to read.

Because of this, I have created Trevor’s Notepad. This is the place I will share all of the writing I can find that I am comfortable with sharing with the world. Please share with me any feedback or thoughts you have on it. This is the place I am creating to give me a font of inspiration again. Perhaps if I feel like I am touching someone in some way with my writing that I will get free of this constant block against me that I call “lack of motivation”. I’ve always been terrible at inspiring myself and need some kind of lightning rod to ignite my passion.