My mission with this website is for my words to hopefully impact someone as much as authors across the world have me.

At this point in time it is my mission to never have ads on this site. I think they look tacky and can otherwise ruin a very immersive experience for the reader. I want when you read my site to be more like the pages or chapters of a book you are reading through.

There are no ads in books.

I am not going to outwardly ask for money either as myself and my wife do quite well for ourselves working in our careers.

I plan to set up a Patreon with a number of benefits,

however before I do this there is some equipment that I need to purchase for myself.

In the mean time I am going to put a Paypal donation button below.

The minimum I am asking for from anyone who wishes to do this, is $1.00. I would ask for less but I don’t think I can. I tried. Donating more is always a possibility but I will not expect it.

Thank you for reading this and for your consideration.


Featured image taken by Susan Elms ~©1991.

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