Written February 19th, 2009. This was not long after my mental break with reality and subsequent legal difficulties. Again, powerful for me to see where my head was at that time. It seems I was determined to learn from my mistakes and I am very happy that I did.

What’s Fair?

I’ve been told life isn’t fair.

Events have passed that seemingly?
Prove this theory with unbridled flair.
I’ve also been told that suffering is a fraction of the path.
It’s overcoming these hurdles,
that sows greener grass.

Every waking moment reaps:
All over what goes bump the night.

The future I see when my eyelids shut,
stays a nightmare.

Losing one’s mind is not as fun as some think.
When I hear “Jinglebells”
It wanders to that incessant clink.

When reality is spun to creativity’s dimension.

Friends become foes,
words become sentences,
places… worlds.

When reality is spun to creativity’s dementia.

Living in fear it could all repeat now and between,
the night dreams became reality
and reality?
A dream.
Tormented forever.

And I’m only nineteen.

©2009 — Trevor Elms
Featured photo taken by Trevor Elms ©2009.

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