This was something I wrote August, 2008. I remember sitting in the shade of a tree with the moleskine my group teacher, Leslie, from high school gifted me. One of the greatest gifts ever given to me today.

When she gifted it to me, she told me that I reminded her of Ernest Hemingway. That may be the highest compliment anyone has even given me.

I just sat down to write something, anything, and it ended up being about a girl in the dorms I had a crush on. I can’t remember her name, and she never heard it.

I was feeling very alone and scared at this time. I had just recently moved to Hawai’i and I am a fairly strong introvert. I had not yet met the people who were to become my close friends.


I plan to finish this whole notebook.

As I sit here writing in the fine lines that fabricate recorded thoughts.
On pre-cognitive set pathways that lead to nowhere.

And nowhere?
Led me somehow through all these pages of turmoil, to you.
Why you?

Because the mind tends to wander to those emotions,
that incite feedom,
and hope.

The burning fire…
but with untamed form.

A full frontal force that fascinates the multifaceted shatters,
that are my feelings.

©2008 Trevor Elms
Photo by Trevor Elms ©2008

6 thoughts on “Thoughts.

  1. I love the things I’ve read that you write. I think you’re great and what I mostly like is how personal and intimate the things I’ve read are. Being an introvert as well as having some other things in life happen to me it’s made me a bit silent about myself. But writing has always been my outlet. I think I simply identify with your candor and honesty.
    You write, I’ll read

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    1. I really appreciate the kind words. It’s thoughts and feelings like you are sharing with me now that push me to keep going, that inspire me to write more.

      Comments like yours are the exact fuel I need. To know that someone out there wants to read what I want to put out. Thanks to you, and others, I will be sure to keep going.

      Thank you.

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