August, 2008 – I believe I wrote this just before moving to Hawai’i and was in my parents’ house. I wrote this after smoking a cigarette on my parents’ back porch and having a hummingbird flip in to take a drink.

I was not sober at this time, but it was well before things got out of hand. Not that I don’t agree with what was written here, but I was also going through a very typical anti-establishment phase at the time as well.


What the heck was that?! A Helicopter?

I turn my head and stop breathing the moment I see it.


A Humming Bird,  hovering inches from my nose.
It pivots,

one-hundred-and-eighty degrees,

zips upwards and lands no less than one foot away,

on the feeder just above my head.

And here I am, standing.



Wide eyed and gaping mouth,

watching one of the most beautiful and special creatures,

on this, our Mother Earth,

inches from my pupils.


It makes me wonder,

why we drop bombs…


But, I guess you don’t know what you have, until it’s gone.



With my supposed message here, the irony of me smoking cigarettes as well as littering with them at times is not lost on me. The featured photo in this post was taken during the summer that I wrote this poem.

©2008 Trevor Elms
Featured photo taken by Trevor Elms ©2008

6 thoughts on “Natureless.

  1. I loved this too. I agree with it myself, it speaks of only the beginning of digging at what’s in error around this place called earth inhabited by a dangerous something called “humanity”
    I might admit that underneath the real reason I loved it might have been just my simple admiration (envy) that you lived in Hawaii. 😛

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  2. Hawai’i is a great place, I look forward to when Megan and I make it back there one of these days. I’d definitely suggest places outside of O’ahu though. Great island to visit, but I found living there to be pretty dark.

    Maybe it would be different now that I am not a teenager literally looking for trouble.


    1. I was there in my teenage years a few times, I loved it but the ocean and the beach are my personal sanctuaries so it might be why. I also wasn’t looking for trouble at that time I was actually trying to stop being in trouble. Differences I suppose on perspective.
      It will be far different for you and Megan this time around. Lovely, romantic and idyllic. That’s my prediction.

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      1. I’m sure your prediction will come to fruition! Our plan is to take a cruise around all the Islands on or around our 10th anniversary of having known each other.

        That anniversary is coming up pretty darn quickly.

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      2. That’s lovely. 🙂 long and lasting love is what human beings search for. Congratulations, I’m certain she realizes how talented you are. 😉

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