December 14th, 2008. Ugh. This is one of those things I look back on and go — “Well, sure, it’s written decently, but damn. I was really angry at something, and someone.”

I scared a lot of girls away growing up, and I think I got tired of it. I honestly don’t know why I wrote this though. This was written legitimately days before I went crazy.

I honestly have no clue who specifically caused me to write this, but I was clearly upset at her. There is some explicit language in there.

Friggin’ Chicks.

Okay, to the girls, not women who don’t understand.

Instead of cutting me off, ask me why I don’t act how you plan.

I’m a caring person, I like my relationships.

So when it comes to spittin’ game, I got none unless I’m interested.


You need to be straight up, and not out of touch.

Ask me, what do you mean? by she talks too much.

This doesn’t mean I need a girl, by no contrary.

I’m perfectly fine, with fuckin’ and strawberries.

But I want a girl who knows how to do it.

My teacher said, the cock never lies.

So no need to get cocked, and wake up with surprise.


Damn girls look in my friggin’ eyes.

When I tell you, these ain’t no lies.



I went crazy, and then I met Megan. So this is probably the last time anything like this will be written.

Thank you for reading.

©2008 Trevor Elms
Featured photo taken by Trevor Elms ©2016

10 thoughts on “Friggin’ Chicks.

  1. Hi Trevor… I’ve been going through your work. You’ve seen the likes I’m sure.
    You’re a frigging good writer. I’m on my bed and I’ve been on it close to 40 minutes. I just have to drop it to her other things done.
    You write with such depth, and words that draw me in. Your story is amazing. Never heard one like it. Your writing… So good!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. It’s true. Believe it. You write so damn good, and you’re very much welcome. Most of the poems/writes I read (quite a lot😊) are from 2008 amd a few from 2009. Do you still write poems?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ll be sure to check it, and you write good. Feel free to go back to read my comment whenever you think what you write isn’t so good. I like it. You gotta love it. Okay enough of my talk. Let me go click the link and check it out😉

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  2. Sometimes angry words feel good to write. They never feel good to say however, at least for long,so maybe that’s why we have this outlet? Meh. I actually understood the frustration here easily. I’m glad you met Megan. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad I met her too! Thank you so much for the kind words.

      I agree, I think writing as an outlet is perfect for these things — I appreciate you being able to understand my frustration in this piece.

      Liked by 1 person

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